I think the weirdest thing is that, to Lindsey, this is normal. So I have to point all this shit out to her and I feel like… am I trying to ruin her relationship with her parents?? I’m not, but they (her mom, specifically) do so much terrible shit to her (and transitively, me) that I’m always saying, “this isn’t normal. this isn’t what nice people who care about you would do.”

I hope she doesn’t resent me for it eventually. She’s never going to be able to change her parents, and if all I’m doing is complaining, what’s that doing to our relationship?

also HI it’s MONDAY NIGHT and I just watched BETTER CALL SAUL and I guess I gotta go do that now. brb.

ok I just got off the phone w/ saul and he was like “what’s up” and I was like “s’all good, man.”

wanna watch another sobriety video?