EDIT: I colored the comic for Monday! It’s blue and pink. Kinda green-y blue? No particular reason for color (except that it’s often most traditional on sundays) save that I wanted to do something arty and didn’t have a lot of new ideas. A productive medium! /ENDIT

Lindsey aged an entire year overnight and I ate a lot of garlic. Also, we got plenty of sun and drank a ton of water. I hadn’t been to a festival in a long time. It was nice being around that many people for a change, but I see that getting old quick. Still, it’s got its charms.

This comic was scanned as a rough pencil and then redrawn digitally on my Cintiq. That’s right, I own a Cintiq. And it’s a nice one, too. I rewarded myself for my suffering.

I might color this one later. But for tonight, it’s just the linework. We’ll see.