Sometimes I realize that the things I focus on, while important to me, might be the most boring, mundane, tedious thoughts imaginable. Some people might read my comics and go, “Yeah, so what?”

But I guess that’s the point, right? They’re my thoughts. Ever want to be in someone else’s head? It’s not as glamorous as we fetishize it to be. We’re all boring creatures of habit and repetition and peaks and valleys. But posture is important. To me, anyway. Right now, anyway.

Liam updated our Minecraft adventure with yet another episode. Our crew, cursed by the genie, has been punished and cursed to spawn in the bottom of a ravine (everyone but me, actually) where, since it’s right in the spawn point, no blocks can be dug or built. The episode is a ton of fun, and well worth the watch.

Also, be sure to go back two pages as I also just updated Day 972 and Day 973.

A-beebada-beebada-beebada-that’s All Folks!