At the end of a busy week I’ll often sit around and fuck with my guitar. I don’t necessarily play music, I just dance around the notes until something hits. Sometimes, it takes a lot longer for something to hit. And sometimes, the thing that hits is something only a mother could love. I’m sure I’ve annoyed family and friends with my guitar yammering, but I’m in this apartment alone—save two neutered cats—so I might as well play how I want. Sometimes Winnie will yowl at me while I play. I can’t tell if he’s complaining or singing along.

Anyway, I haven’t updated The Future Universe in a number of weeks, again, because of me adjusting to my new workload. I might have to wait another week to get a page done. Readers who were just starting to get into it (i.e. Wasson and myself), sorry for the delay.

Happy weekend, everybody!