Don’t worry, it’s all work I actually want to do (on top of a little homework), so hooray eustress!

So it’s been hectic. I’ve been struggling with keeping up with my workload and maintaining an online presence, as well as battling with inspiration and confidence. These are all things I wanted to make comics about, but I feel like I’ve lost my “oomph” when it comes to “The Change,” which is disappointing, because I really thought I had a solid storyline. That’s life, though. Sometimes you think everything will culminate into one, grand moment of exuberance, but instead it just gets dragged out and there really is no “Oh, so that’s what all this was for.”

So for now, I’m going to make comics about whatever I want. I may wrap up The Change in a few strips (I was actually planning on dragging it out to strip 1000, can you believe that??), but either way I want to get a solid week of comics out of this “vacation.”

Speaking of comics, I’m sure I’ve talked about The Future Universe enough to pique a few peoples’ interests (and confuse the rest). Well I’m happy to say that my cohort Wasson and I now have a script, and rough intermediary work is being done to start on the webcomic.

But in the meantime, here’s a Cover to ogle (color inspiration for today’s strip taken from aforementioned color).