So today while waiting for the bus I told myself to buckle down and strap in because I was in for a bumpy comic-making ride! A million terrible lines later and a hundred bumps on a bus and this beauty of a comic was done! Hoo hoo. Also, no color yet. It is 3 AM. This is my life.

And let’s be honest, fellas. We’re all a little self-conscious of some part of our bodies. Mine just happens to be my facial hair. If you ever want to see me cry, insult my stubble! I swear I will hate you forever!

In other news, I have been so busy that my school is literally trying to throw money at me. This is a good thing. But this has meant less time for comics. In my free time between school and sleep I mostly edit The Future Universe stuff. Beyond that, I spend too much time overachieving on weekend homework assignments (if you’d like to check out the TFU Flash Video Game I made, GO HERE). Tell me what you think ya doofus!

More soon!