So it’s been rather hectic moving, as mentioned before, but it’s slowing down, now. I have time for homework, again, and I have time for drawing. Hopefully things continue to progress in this direction!

So thank you for being patient. I know you were expecting part two of that moving storyline, but I decided I wanted to start that saga in another way.

But in the meantime, Amanda and I are safe, in a room we can afford in spite of its size, and we’re alive. For everyone who sent me a message concerned about my safety, thank you. Your comments were appreciated.

Now that everything’s settling down I decided to start up round two of this Kickstarter for a book! If you wanted a book, now would be the time to back the project for one!

Also, if you like Blue Circus, I updated that, too!

Thanks for being patient, guys! More soon.