So I may or may not make an epilogue to follow-up on a few things, here, but who knows!

How do you guys feel about this storyline? This has been one of the only storylines I’ve ever written where I’ve been able to look back on the events at a distance and comprehend them before drawing them out. It’s been a different experience, let me tell you. If you liked it, drop me a message somewhere (forum – twitter – tumblr) to let me know!

And once more, here is the link to that Kickstarter!

I’m going to be honest with you guys, I don’t know if we will hit the mark. I know I’m supposed to be confident about it to instill confidence, but there is no risk for you guys as consumers as, if it does fail, you all get your money back immediately, and I can always start another one, so I will be candid.

I was talking to my friend Jean Luke Picard about printing books. He recommended I contact a comrade in the comic-making field and so I did. Which lead me to a printing company in Hong Kong. I figured I’d check to see my options.

I may have jumped the gun with said option. Their minimum order was 1K books, which is a lot. A lot of books. For 5000 dollars. That means to cover costs I’d need to sell about 350 books. Then add on top of that the 7-10% Kickstarter and Amazon take, I had to increase the goal from 5000 to 5500.

“But Allan!” you may exclaim. “What were you going to do with all those extra books?” Well, I was going to take them to comic conventions and sell them to generate interest and cover the costs of said cons. Also I would’ve sold some on the website to anyone who may or may not have had money available to them at the time.

As I mentioned before, the best thing about Kickstarter is that everyone who contributes receives a risk-free investment, meaning, if the project is made, people will get what they ordered. If it is not, everyone gets their money back. With this in mind, I decided I may as well try the aforementioned goal—if only to get a baseline for my fanbase’s interest. And I think I did just that.

Now, since I started this Kickstarter, I’ve been researching more and more printing options. I may have found a few “better” options (“better” in terms of realistic number of books printed, of course), which, if this Kickstarter fails, I will utilize. My point is I am going to get this book printed regardless of whether or not we reach this $5500 goal.

Having said that, I would still encourage anyone who’s been on the fence about preordering a book to do so. If you are worried that it will be a fruitless investment, remember you will get your money back, and it will give me a better idea on what’s a reasonable number to shoot for.

To everyone who has backed so far, thank you again. Your interest in this project is priceless, even if it did come with a pricetag.

Thanks for reading, guys. More comics soon!