You’ll probably see me try out a lot of new things in the future.

In other news, I’ve been hard at work (at school) writing programs and coming up with ideas and sculpting clay hearts. It’s a blast. I hope any of you guys out there struggling through your GEs make it through alright, because man, once you realize what you want to do, and you start doing it?—that’s when shit gets fun.

Do any of you guys know what Doodle is? Or is it called Scribble? There’s never really been a uniform name I’ve heard when playing with friends, but basically it’s where one person draws a scribble/doodle and then you try to draw something out of that doodle/scribble. I’m working on a little program like that myself! It’s very exciting, because it’s actually fun to do, and it really helps open your mind creatively. After just a few sketches I already start thinking about things in a new way.

So maybe I’ll have that finished up soon (the project’s due next week, so maybe sometime then?) and available for you guys to play with!

Here’s two examples (the second link features art from Amanda!).

Okay more stuff later, thanks for reading!