So for a long time I’ve been looking through tumblr after tumblr, fascinated by what makes each individual person fascinated, and I realized that when you read a tumblr that spans over a long period of time what you get is less of a series of funny pictures and videos but a journal that accurately depicts exactly the kind of person a person desires to be. I know it’s “microblogging” but even if someone made a tumblr for “microblogging,” most eventually become a creature of their own.

So I decided to make one.
It’s NSFW. Don’t click it, DAD. EVEN IF YOU’RE NOT AT WORK.

But seriously, the tumblr will be a place for all works Allan. I make so many different kinds of projects I think it’ll be nice to have them all in once place. As for Blue Circus? That will be hosted on the tumblr exclusively for a while. I may mirror it over to Drunkduck once they get their server stuff worked out, but for now, all 47 strips and more are available for your perusal pleasure.

Allan will still update here, but you may catch more bonus strips on the tumblr. Just sayin’.