A few of you may know I had to cancel my WoW subscription as I didn’t have the funds to continue playing. Thus, necessity is the mother of me finding other ways to spend my time!

Over the past month I’ve had this inkling to check out the Project 1999 again. A few days ago I realized a few of my friends would probably be interested in joining me, so I showed them how to get set up.

Anywho, it takes a little time and a little reading but the actual setup for the server shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes, and I can guarantee fun times grouping with us.

So navigate here (same link as before) if you’re interested. The server is EverQuest pre-SOE takeover, heavily modified and with a lively 1000+ daily-user community! It’s very fun in general, but even if you don’t like EverQuest, the social aspect of playing a game with friends is worth the time it takes to install it!

Also Blue Circus will be updating tonight! Okay that’s all!