Insert the obligatory emo comment if you must.

Part 1 of 2 maybe? I dunno!

I love coloring my comics… especially when the colors have something to do with the point I’m trying to make. This one worked out well.

In other news, I’m not an Anchorman… so I can’t use those words. But what I can tell you is: I know I’ve been missing a few updates recently… mostly due to life. I usually try to make them up. Anyway, when I miss one I’ve come up with a way to tell you why or why not. You guys can comment or respond if you wish, but I’ve got a thread up in the forum. It’s located here.

Around Day 100 I’m also going to ask for your guys’ honest opinion on a book… but let’s let that wait until Day 100.

Cya guys tomorrow! Emo, emo, emo!

PS: Check out Mediocre Militia. I uploaded something cool you guys might like!