I was totally, utterly, and completely satisfied with Spiderman 3. In fact I was more than satisfied. I was entertained. Yes!

I heard so many poor reviews, and I still can’t understand why it got them. I mean, sure it’s not EXACT TO THE COMIC BOOK AND SOME STUFF HAS BEEN CHANGED, but I mean come on you guys. It’s a movie. Take it, leave it.

EDIT in 2018: hindsight is a bitch. Spiderman 3 was bad. I still appreciate its satire, tho.

The graphics rocked. I read one person hated them. What the hell? Do you not like good graphics? Were you expecting something like Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within? Because if you were, shut up. This isn’t that movie. They’re not taking 2 years to render this bad boy. Sorry if you’re not satisfied with awesome action scenes.

I liked (maybe even loved) everything about it. Thank you. Thank you very much Spiderman. Thank you for being there for good movies for me. I’ve enjoyed you very much.

Best scene, though?

Make sure to check out Mediocre Militia tonight. There’s a good chance I might do a Spiderman thing, there.

Also, for all who are wondering: yes. I am over 9,000.

EDIT: I strongly suggest going to MM² now. I have a few things there you guys might like.