I’m uploading this ahead of schedule, and scheduling it to go live later tonight because I’m’a catch a few extra “Z”s.

For those who don’t know, STAR testing is kinda an aptitude test that tells you what you know, how smart you are (not like an IQ test), and what you don’t know. They use them to determine what classes you’ll take the next year, and if you’re smart enough, whether you’re allowed to take AP (or, advanced placement) classes.

I’ve been in AP English since Freshman year. Maybe I’ll get in AP English for Junior year, too.

And that’s about it! I’m not sure of my position on the DD #’s tonight. I know after the server rolled over I went down to #9, but then today I got more hits than yesterday, so maybe I’ll skip back up to 7. Who knows.

Thanks for all your guys’ support and comments–I’ll see you all tomorrow!

Edit: Upon returning from home I found a few people to have gotten the “I took a nap early yesterday,” and some people taking it a little too far, implying masturbation. Since that’s not what I was going for, I figured I’d fix it. I don’t like fixing these, because it makes them no longer original, but if not everyone is understanding it correctly, that’s surely correctable.