There was a BUNCH of stuff I was going to say. Sadly, I didn’t write it all down and now I’ve forgotten it. Let’s see if it comes back to me while I’m writing this.

First: I really like making comics in color. I had a bunch of extra time, and I figured it’d be cool if I made the fantasy world a little more… beautiful. So I did that.

Second: This is kinda a two-parter. Tomorrow’s strip will also take place in the fantasy world… it just won’t be too colorful.

Third: Oh look! JeepChan finally updated.

Fourth: I added a little Mediocre Militia button under the comments box. I’ll probably make it bigger, but click on it to see what everyone over there is doing right now.

Fifth: I can’t remember. I’m off to e-mail my teacher.

I’ll add more if it comes to mind! Talk to you guys later!

EDIT: OH HO HO HO HO!! I just remembered! I didn’t remember yesterday was THURSDAY and I forgot to remind you all The Offic and Scrubs were on! I hope you all watched them because they were awesome! JD wants to get back together with Elliot? Dammit, didn’t they go through this the past 4 seasons? Ah well… it makes it more interesting!

And The Office was funny, too. There’s this part where Michael doesn’t know if Jan is right for him, and what’sherface says “sometimes you’ve got to work through the hard parts,” and Pam is like “uh, uh bitch, usually they’re just not right for each other,” and I’m like WOAH! BITCH SMACKDOWN!

It was awesome. I literally said “oh shit” out loud.