Wow, what to say, what to say.

There’s a whole bunch of news tonight! First: the comic.

I made this the period after I talked to this guy. He pronounces his name “See-moan,” and talked with that lisp that isn’t a lisp? The really sharp “s” sound? You know the one? Yeah, I figured it’d be noteworthy.

Then, there’s this guy named Wilson I know (from here). He’s making some gaming comics up here on Drunk Duck. If you like games check them out. If you don’t, check them out anyway. Maybe sure you check soon, because he’s doing something with me and God in it… so don’t forget to visit Reboot (his web comic) now and tomorrow and the next day.

Plus there’s this other announcement of which I am now sharing:

I am now an official member of the Mediocre Militia! That’s right, my friends over at the M² invited me to join them in their blog-tastic adventures, and I agreed. So now I’m doing that whenever I can. Stop on by to enjoy the show!

Oh, and check it out: if you are on PST time like I am, then you are still in awe from the awesome episode of The Office (I’m writing this pre-viewing) and Scrubs. You enjoyed it very much and are now replaying it to catch every moment you blinked and every minor, insignificant detail of which you can quiz your friends (who don’t even watch the show) on, tomorrow.

Because that’s what I’m doing!