Jen literally “glomped” me today. Really. She like, tackled me to the ground. Luckily some grass padded my fall. And I believe my life really did flash before my life, because as I was falling all I could think was: “This is totally going in the comic.”

(You also might’ve noticed I like to talk about what I write about in the comic the following day to those who don’t (or haven’t been) read the comic. I never mention the comic, mind you, I just talk along the same lines of what I had been thinking the night before.)

Also, I’ve noticed that Rob doesn’t always look the same in every panel I draw him in… it’s weird.

Anyway, have you guys checked out these new profiles? Of course you have, because I’ve added every single on of you to my friends list! I mean, you’re my pal if you like my comic (yes, even you I Hate Dirt (you liked it at one point)). Anyway, I’m trying to spice up my profile, and I want Crazy Duck to upload that animation he did a while ago for me to Youtube so I can stick it up there!

And, oh, something just for fun, check out my high score on my profile for the CAT! game. Go on. Check. I dare you!