My parents aren’t overbearing or anything, but what mother likes to hear something like that?

PS, that song in the first panel is “Bother” by “Stoned Sour,” probably their best song. That last one is “Let’s Get Fucked Up and Die” by “Motion City Soundtrack.”

But check-it. You guys all gave me your tastes in music, and I’m rather satisfied (especially with you Heccubus. Holy crap.), but I didn’t have time to check out all the bands. I’ll work on it tomorrow and the next day.

And if you’re wondering why this strip is late, blame it all on Acadia, who forced me to make him a guest strip (kidding).

Check it out, today.

And… ah. One other thing I noticed about everyone’s music tastes was this: they all like the classics. I don’t mean to put down on the classics, but they’re old–and I’ve heard them so many times, I’m tired of ’em!

Either that or conformity to listen to hit radio stations is sinking in. Either or.

Night guys, and thanks for dropping by!