Ha ha ha ha ha HA! I told you it was a happy ending!

Some of you (Acadia) might’ve noticed I wasn’t on AIM or YIM the past two nights; I didn’t want to ruin the surprise! If anyone had asked, I probably would’ve burst it out in a spring of joy.

No seriously.

Anyway, this one’s EXTRA long (the equivalent of 2 strips) because I had so much to fit in, not to mention the dramatic pauses and artist devices!

So! I don’t know if me and Jen are “together,” but we definitely went “together,” and we definitely kissed “together.” Kids these days–so insecure.

And you know what the weird thing was? It was all out of instinct! That’s right, it’s like my mind went blank and I didn’t even know what I was doing! It was crazy. And somewhat of a relief. In general = it rocked. Plain and simple!

Listen to me ramble on! I must be so excited!

There was something else I was–oh! Sorry about the late update, too. Usually I get these things here right at 10:00 PST, but this one and the last one have been a little delayed! Don’t be hatin’ though! I’ll try and get these back on schedule!

So–Woo! That’ll be all!