Maybe I didn’t use the word “instead,” but I think that’s what I meant.

So yeah. We’re going to the movies tomorrow after school. I don’t want to be cliche, but the movies are always fun. Always fun.

Grindhouse looks cool though. I doubt I’m going to take her to see it. I think I was just saying that for the joke. We’ll check what else is out when we get there.

And… uh… that pretty much sums up today. Usually I have more to talk about! Man, tomorrow’s Friday though. That’s cool.

So. I dunno. Talk to you guys tomorrow!

PS. I just checked my TiVo. Dudes! I thought The Office’s season was over, but I was surprised by TWO NEW EPISODES! Damn, you guys! I loved it! What a treat on a Thursday Night! Rockin’.