But maybe I won’t have to make it up much longer?

Oh, so check it out: Run Kid Run ain’t playing in Cali anytime soon, but did you know they were a Christian band?

I had no freakin’ idea. I haven’t heard them talk about God once in their songs. Hm. Maybe there’s and underlying subtext I’m missing here… or subliminal messages telling me to go to church! Oh crap. I’m getting a sudden urge to pray.

In other news, I’m rather happy to be back in school. Two weeks is enough break for me (I’m always bored to death over summer) so now I get to hang out with my friends again! Woo. Hm. I added a period there. That makes it sound rather sarcastic.

I should use that literary device more often.

PS. I was discussing generic comments with Slimredninja, and here’s an exerpt I think everyone can take to heart:

“But, in all honesty, leaving generic comments isn’t much better . I understand you think it’s encouraging, but when I get comments like that, it just makes me feel like the reader doesn’t care, and isn’t worth my time.

I try (when I comment) to point out flaws, or impressive points of the comic, so the author knows his or her strong points. IMO, generic comments do nothing but frustrate the author, because he’s getting some slipshod, overused, and re-churned-out comment, which has been passed around like a dirty Kleenex.

Sometimes I’ve commented , most of the time I haven’t, mostly because that would reinforce generic comments, and that’s something I just don’t want to do. Maybe I’ve had it wrong this whole time, and really are reading the comics and giving honest opinion, but when give every comic click on a 5, it just doesn’t make it seem like it’s worth anything .”