I saw 300 on Sunday and MAN!–talk about highly stylized! I mean, if you want to be GRAPHICALLY entertained for 2 1/2 hours, then go see 300! REALLY!

Anyway, sorry I haven’t been around much this weekend, I’ve been hanging out with friends (you know, those people I know in real life) and watching movies.

Is it just me, or (currently) is Wii Sports the best game for the Wii? Probably just me.

PS. I have NINE out of TWELVE strips filled (I sketched up 3 myself). I need THREE more strips by THURSDAY! (Here’s a link with a little extra info)

PPS. That whole “I need guest material because I’m leaving for a funeral over Spring Break”-thing is still going on, so drop me a line in this forum if you can help out. Thanks to everyone who’s participated so far! Every strip you make me is one less filler I have to bore the readers with!