Another guest appearance by my coworker Bob! I have such a weird work situation; most of my coworkers are located in Madison, WI. Bob comes in two, maybe three times a week, and Tomoko comes in when the whales let her. So I’m mostly alone, but I see Bob the most. So you see Bob the most, too!

I drew two comics today! This is the second! I’m starting a Discord channel for creative friends to hang out in. Please leave a comment if you’re interested in joining and I’ll send you an invite! I’m calling the channel Internet Touchery because, y’know, connecting through the internet. But like, not really connecting. It’s like touching without touching; touchery.

Click here for today’s bonus panel!

EDIT: Miracles do happen! I updated Blue Circus (nsfw) last night! It’s just something small, but I explain more there. Click it to check it!