Sometimes it’s nice to just kinda make a list of the things that are on my mind. If I can do it while also turning it into a comic, I feel like a superhero. Also, the more honest I am with my strips, the better I feel. This one made me feel good. I went to bed happy after drawing it last night.

Oh, and the color is Dz’s texture, again. Dz, or Lindsey, is my gf, or ghast faucet, and she made that art as a craft thing and I LIKED IT. It fits my latest aesthetic, y’know?

It’s almost May. Winnie’s birthday is in May. He’s a good cat, he just has issues with peeing. But hey, at least I caught it before he was in discomfort, danger, or disaster! We’re learning~

Let’s get our Mondays off to a good start (apologies if you don’t work M-F). Yeah, there’s work to do but we’ll do it: one thing at a time. Keep your heads up and I’ll keep workin’ to do the same.