ELEVEN YEARS. I didn’t really realize how long this has been going until, like, two or three days ago, and I didn’t do anything special for the 10th anniversary so I wanted to connect some nostalgia now. Also, I love that I can celebrate this instead of Valentine’s Day, today. Why have I not celebrated it sooner??

Oh, and speaking of celebration, panel one is an obvious reference to the first panel on Day 1, so I wanted to go ahead and upload some of the classic strips on the new site! Right now, I’m 41 in. I’ll try and pump up those numbers (those are rookie numbers) ASAP—click “First” to read through all the oldest strips I’ve got online!

You can tell from today’s strip that I’ve got a lot going on … and maybe I’m not really prioritizing it right. Oh well. If I lost my job for my art, I guess it’d be worth it. I do like eating when I’m hungry, though.

Today’s bonus panel is the face I make when I’m done making a comic and I realize I forgot to draw a bonus panel (taken from Day 563):