Look up! There’s a new button — it’s the BONUS PANEL button! I’m still deciding on the best place to put it, but hopefully right under the comic makes sense. You can also click right here, just cuz.

Clicking that button to see the bonus panel is especially helpful early in the month, and GUESS WHAT, it’s FEBRUARY NOW. So I’m gonna try and have a bonus panel with every new strip! Please click through to see it; it’ll be something silly related to the strip for the day!

As for the actual notes about this comic: this conversation happened on our first night in Yosemite at a cozy little pub-sports-bar place at the Yosemite Valley Lodge! After it got a laugh (the punchline was a group effort; I kinda needed to paraphrase) I was like “I should totally make that into a comic.” And I did. Ta-da!

As for the psyllium husk capsules: they are my favorite dietary supplement. For a while, I was taking psyllium powder, which is just sliiightly cheaper, but oh so much grosser. The capsules are so easy to swallow with a meal (and more portable, too) and definitely do the trick. I highly recommend them to everyone except maybe vegetarians or vegans — you guys are probably set on healthy poops (I know from experience). Oh, and I promise they’re not laced with LSD. I promise. ?

Old notes: I’m tired! I’ve been waking up at 5 AM this week. I’ll write more notes tomorrow and upload this strip to social media, then. Thanks for reading!