Anyone use f.lux? Cuz if you don’t, you might not get this strip. It removes blue light at night to make the screen look warmer, which is great if you want to go to bed at a normal time, but not so great if you’re up late coloring a comic (because it doesn’t accurately represent the color your audience would see). So I gotta disable it. And it hurts.

If you’re still unclear, read the bonus panel here! Props to my friend Chris M. for coming up with the equation.

Anyone seen the new Black Mirror episodes? I watched the Star Trek-inspired episode last night, and it was a lot of fun. I enjoyed it! You may remember that I binged TOS a few years ago. I wouldn’t say TOS is required watching beforehand, though. Star Trek is so ingrained in our pop culture it’s hard not to recognize the things its inspired, even if you haven’t seen it. So give it a watch! It stars Meth Damon and #notallwestworldmen, as well as other familiar faces, but those two dudes killed it.

OK. Back to work!