You guys saw Westworld, right? Season one was on HBO? Done by Jonathan Nolan? Christopher Nolan’s brother? Sexy robots? It was huge… like… 6 months ago. But hey, I was talking about The Office and Breaking Bad when they weren’t cool, either, so time will tell who’s right, internet.

And: I’m finally better! And by better, I mean: coughing up less mucus and swallowing more normally, so not 100% but every day’s a step in the right direction. You might’ve noticed I had some time to be productive while I was sick, and I went ahead and uploaded a bunch of old comics (starting here), as well as a fun, relaxing video project where I documented drawing Day 39 and edited it to music. It was good practice; I learned a few things. I’ll comment on those when I make my next video!

I have plenty of stuff to draw comics about but I’ve got deadlines at work so I don’t know how regularly I’ll be updating. Check back later for a surprise!