OK, I’m sick and this was the best I could muster today. I picked “Christmas” colors — you’re welcome — I’ll await my holiday award in the mail.

I’m actually kinda excited about bitcoin — and some other things I mention. I’m just… bewildered? Constantly bewildered. Ajit Pie is like a villain out of a Douglas Adams novel. Roy Moore is baffling. The tax bill is baffling. This video is baffling. So silly. This world is silly. A bunch of children running around pretending they’re in charge of things.

I have more comics to upload! Did you dudes know I’m digging into the classic Allan archive? More comics in one place, I figure it’ll be a good thing all around. Check ’em out from 950 here.

Oh, one more thing is I’m getting into Instagram because apparently that’s where a lot of journal comics are? Let’s find out!