I like working out and I like getting real introspective and maybe getting lost in a podcast or some thoughtful music and I CAN’T DO THAT WHEN EVERY TIME I LOOK UP OR OPEN MY EYES THERE ARE THREE MEN VYING TO MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH ME.

If you are a guy, you might do this to people you are attracted to and not even realize. If you do this intentionally, then fuck you because it’s exhausting. Women everywhere: you’re right about men. I like to think I’ve learned to pick up on when eye contact works and when it doesn’t. I probably still make mistakes, but I am receptive to peoples’ expressions, reactions, etcetera. There’s a nuance to nonverbal communication with strangers, and it’s one that is obviously sorely missed by the majority or else this wouldn’t be something that continuously makes me uncomfortable.

Day 31 was weird. I was in a weird mood when I made that. This one’s better.

Live and learn, angsty Cory Allan.