Moving this out of the way of the storyline for now. Originally uploaded on March 9th.

I didn’t have a chance to think about my Agency storyline this week.

Worked all day Friday. Like, 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM all day. Note: I’ve been waking up at 6:00 AM for the past month (my cats wake me up at 5:00 AM), so I’ve been tired for a few days. But Friday: work. And, a birthday party for my girlfriend’s pal at 7:30 PM.

So okay, maybe there’s time to nap? — NO. Because I bought Sea of Thieves and if I don’t play it tonight with my friend Taylor, I might not get a chance all week. Also, I said I would, and I’m a man of my word when it comes to external commitments. I won’t get into flaking on internal commitments right now.

So, again, this is Friday. I get home late after working a full day, game with Taytay Taylor, wrap up and go to a birthday party which winds up lasting until 3:00 AM. At this point, the first day of my weekend has begun. We crash shortly after and fall asleep faster than most people can fart.

We awake on Saturday remembering that Lindsey bought us tickets to a Beach Bunny concert like months ago, so we have to go. Also, Taylor is saying we should play SoT again, soon, so that’s on my mind. And Sam is back from France, maybe I should catch up with him? Also, I haven’t even started my comic for the week (but I’ve thought about it). But first, hunger strikes, and while I’m making “breakfast,” I realize there’re no groceries to make breakfast with. Also, it’s like 1 PM now on Saturday because we couldn’t get up before noon. I literally haven’t slept more than 5 hours a night all week and I’m fucking exhausted after staying up until 3:00 AM last night.

And isn’t today a gym day?

So I get up, shower, straighten up the apartment, and already it’s 3:00 PM and I need to go to the gym before I run out of time before the concert. I ask Lindsey if we have seats at the concert because it’s leg day. She says yes. I do squats. Spoiler, we did not have seats.

I wind up driving to San Francisco. I’m tired, but that was a great workout, so I’m energized. We drive a while, see the concert (no seats, angry dad standing across the way taking his apparent frustration out on me by mad-dog staring the whole concert, even when I look up and smile at him), walk a few blocks through the shady part of SF and am only offered drugs/prostitution once, get back to the car and drive back home. Lindsey offers to drive back, I happily accept and for a brief, rare moment, I nod off in the car. I am terrible at sleeping while in motion. This weekend broke me.

So Sunday comes along and it’s time to get stuff done. Oh but also, sleep in again because fuck if we aren’t tired after all that. Then grocery shopping, Costco shopping, cleaning, laundry, cooking, eating, prepping for the week, and now I’m here. In the office at 7:40 AM mad at the world again for laughing at me while it adds another slice of shit atop the shit sandwich that is my life by asking me to wake up yet ANOTHER hour earlier, in the dark, in the cold, for no recognition or benefit to me whatsoever.

Happy fucking Monday, everybody.