I’ve been spending the last month working hard on Chapter 2 of my comic, Jack of AllTrades®, and I’m pleased to announce that I was able to reach my personal deadline of uploading the whole 33-page chapter by November 1st! If you haven’t read JOAT, use the following links to catch up:

As for this comic—idk. I feel like I spend a lot of time thinking about my strips and trying to make comics that can apply to everyone, but in doing so I feel like I’ve been leaving out some of the honest portions of my strip; the parts where I act like a human and complain about things, offer an opinion, ruffle feathers, say “fuck,” and push against the status quo. Fuck.

Do I like feeling like one of the masses, subject to the frustrations of social media, immediacy, globalization, and the zeitgeist? No. But there weren’t any vegan cavemen, so why would my work not be a product of my time, as well?

So yeah, I’m complaining about twitter followers. Sorry. I don’t think of my readers as a number, but I do think of that number as this symbol that represents how I’m recuperating art-wise post-academia. So it’s a hurdle, for sure, and I’m fighting to overcome it.

Still, I love every one of you as an individual. Thanks for reading!