Something a little lighter since yesterday. I’ve been enjoying a bit of mine-farming and -crafting and -exploring with Sam and Lindsey. Sam’s running our server and I like the feeling of contributing to something as a community. Sometimes I pop in for a few minutes and break some pumpkins, sometimes I spend a few hours carving out a cave. It’s a peaceful return. I’m sure we’ll get sick of it soon, but for now, .

idk why I’m updating twice in a row all of a sudden. I drew yesterday’s comic a while ago and only just found myself stable enough to draw the last panel and scan it. today, I feel comfortably numb, but maybe I’m not making the best decisions for the future. I stayed up until midnight watching the Stranger Things finale. I had to wake up in just 5 hours. Ah well. Live and (for some reason) never learn. Goodnight!