I’m heading to Madison, WI for a few days this coming week! I’m excited and also prepared to exhaust myself daily. I don’t deal with cold well, or time changes, or sobriety, and I’m planning on hitting all three head on while I’m there, so… here we go. If anyone likes a challenge, it’s yours truly. I just, y’know, hate it the entire time it’s going on. But appreciate it in hindsight, of course.

This is a comic that I wanted to make to test out this new lil drawing surface. The strip took far too long because I didn’t adhere to either pencil or pen or digital or color, etc. I did everything. It took all Friday. I wanna play Diablo because the original just launched on GOG recently. Time to pwn some skeletons.

btw, y’all know Jon Batiste, right? From Colbert? He does this weird nasal screech sound that makes me laugh. He does it all the time. No one talks about it! That’s what I’m referencing in the last three panels there.

OK night.