Hi hey. I bet you didn’t expect I’d update, did you? When was the last time you just let yourself be surprised, for a change? Today! Today!

Fun fact: those big, tall scary-looking clouds are called cumulonimbus and they indicate an oncoming thunderstorm! Spooky.

So yeah, I’m happy I made this comic but I’m just kinda circling the ol’ depression drain lately. Gotta change stuff up because my dopamine’s all fucked and my serotonin noped the eff out and my oxytocin levels are so foul that it’s an oxyto-SIN. I think maybe just talking about it will help me. At the same time, I hear if you don’t verbalize minor complaints then you don’t reinforce the quality of complaining and therefore are affected less by negativity? People are weird. I don’t wanna know this shit, just let me be happy.

Still working on JOAT. There’s like 12 pages of linework to get through, then colors, and then it’ll be done! Wow. Not for a while, though, obviously.

If you’re still reading along sometimes: hi! Thanks! I wish I were a full-time artist but at least now I’m not living with my girlfriend’s parents.

OK bye.