Happy Fourth of July, America! Here’s a little reveal to go with your BBQs; my birthday is actually in July.

I still have a habit of doing this, but when I fail, I want to run away and hide. Then I want to start over. So, after I felt I’d made a fool of myself in certain online communities, I wanted to change identifying details of my life so I’d have a fresh start. One (weird, unnecessary) thing I changed was my birthday, which is actually July 2nd, not August 16th! I felt bad about changing this detail when readers reached out to me with the same birthday cheering me on. Sorry, everybody!

Also, if you’re reading this on the 4th of July you might notice I backdated it to July 2nd. Thass’a my birthday!

Have a good rest of your holiday, Americans. And to everyone else, enjoy all that BDE.