I didn’t use to drive. I used to ride my bike. (Author’s note: I googled whether or not it’s “use to” or “used to” and apparently they’re both fine but when you use a negative beforehand e.g. “didn’t use to” you should drop the d. And boy do I love droppin’ dat D. Anyway.) Nowadays, I drive. Because what modern person has time for exercise? Those unfamiliar with the unparalleled prospects of capitalism. Time is money, and if you ain’t workin’, you’re dying. So HELLO CARS. Mmm, exhaust…

I dislike driving. I’m super conscious of my space and peoples’ spaces as they approach me. I have anxiety out the butt, and it is so tiring considering every person approaching me and where they’re going to go next:

This person has their blinker on! I’ll let them in in front of me. Oh, they’re just sitting there. Now the person behind me is mad for not going 5 mph over the speed limit. Guess I’ll equalize the distance between him and the person in front of me now. Oh, wait, just as I started accelerating the person to the left of me is moving over, so now I have to break. And now the person behind me is passing me super close on the right because I’ve upset them.

It’s like this all the time all the time and it doesn’t get better. I won’t get numb to it — it’s who I am. So I deal.

But I’m going to be biking more when I can. Bikes and public transportation cannot be beat. It’s such a satisfying coupling. I can draw and think on the bus, and grab some exercise to finish the route.

Anyway, driving is lame. Hope you like the strip. I’ve had it bumblin’ around in my head for a few months now, actually. Finally took the time to draw it. Oh, and if you support me on Patreon, you can see the rough draft of the strip and learn my secrets.

OK, thanks bye!