20 pages in and I’m already talking about starting over. That’s life, my peeps. Don’t give up when you get knocked down; keep trying until you learn how to overcome whatever keeps knocking you down. I’ve had a rough few weeks but the more effort I put into getting back on-track, slowly but surely, I’m getting back on-track.

Being on-track is temporary, too, so don’t give up when you get thrown off-track, again. It always happens, but it always feels like the first time. When you’re low it’s hard to remember you were recently on the right track, and it can be hard to head back in that direction, but it’s always worth it.

Of course, I also realize people are people and you are who you are. If you fall off-track and feel like you’re not putting any effort into getting back on-track, don’t worry: you will get back to your normal. We’re people. We reset. We wander around looking for answers and when we can’t find them we make them up. And guess what? The ones we make up are the ones we wanted right from the beginning. We are our own destiny. Be yourself – there’s nothing else.

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