conversations I have while walking by dog parks. I thought california was a safe space. guess I’m a melted snowflake, now.

so, I streamed this! the coloring of this strip, anyway, and then the subsequent uploading, afterward. y’know, the whole… process I go through? yeah, it’s been documented. Even all the weird awkward pauses are there! the fun is underway at about 7 minutes in, and the family in the room next door were yelling out Jeopardy answers, so I couldn’t talk. I’ll do that next time, I think! I’ll chat.

anyway, the streaming was fun, the drawing was fun, my wednesday was mostly SHOT but I did get a new phone and a new mouse so I’ve got my work cut out for me in the Setting Up New Devices Department. It’s a full-time job so I’m running behind. Instead, I streamed.

that’s enough talking! it’s almost 11. I should get some rest. good night!