Remember when I was talking about consuming bad energy and emitting positive vibes? I’m workin’ on it! Trying to shift my skeptical resting bitch face into a skeptical resting smile. Or like, a subtle one. I don’t wanna look like a weirdo who’s just utterly pleased with himself. Smug. I don’t wanna be smug. Just nice.

Also, I was on vacation! We took a trip to Yosemite National Park — it’s like 4 hours from where I live! Now I’m back and ready to draw. Or something. I’m happy to get this one online. And look! 50 pages. I remember when I started this iteration of I felt so disheartened by how few strips I had. But I’m already at 50! And I’ll always have them. And that’s a good feeling. I love producing stuff!

There will be more comics and art and stuff soon! I wanna get some sleep and wake up before sunrise — it’s pretty outside in the morning. Good night and sweet dreams!