Hey guys. A lot of talk has been circulating around me lately. Here’s what the grapevine has been saying:

1. I’m debunking the ratings system.
2. I’m debunking the Civil War.
3. I’m a Maverick.

And now it looks like I’m debunking all sodas other than Dr. Pepper.
Here’s the what’s-up, fo rizzle.

1. I’m not debunking the ratings system. I’m only saying what many have said before me, and many are still saying in the forum. The fives are great, and I appreciate those who can leave comments reflecting what they think. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the other plain 5’s, I think those’re great, too–it’s just, leaving a comment reflecting the comic makes it so much more personal (except you crazyduck. You’re excused from leaving comments).

2. Debunking the Civil War? Dudes, I love the Civil War. I just am not willing to participate. I’m sure I’d have loads of fun, and I love other people drawing my character, but I don’t have time to go around other CW comics and pay close attention to them. Sorry! I’d love to play.

3. Well. That’s pretty cool. I’ve never had a title like this before. Thank Tweebus for thinking it up. He is my informant in actions happening around me.

But on a lighter note, this is my 40th strip (I know, I’m just going to be bringing up #50 in a week and 1/2), and the 50 milestone has come and passed. I guess I don’t get another one till page 100! That’ll be in a month and 2/3 hopefully!

And as for my love for Dr. Pepper? I dunno. I just really like it. I wish there was a non-caffeinated version that I could drink before bed (one that wasn’t diet).

Man. I’m going to Google that, now.

More comics tomorrow! Tomorrow’s Thursday, right? Ugh, I have some homework to do.