So Antony is one of my Skype/forum buddies. He likes explosions. I made this strip for him because he is a nice guy and didn’t specify anything but the word “explosions.”

Some of you may recall my desire to visit PAX Prime this August from earlier strips. I am lucky enough to have an awesome fan base and was offered the money for 2 tickets by a very gentlemanly gentleman. Unfortunately, due to the financial crisis I had I was unable to purchase a flight to PAX in time and thus have a 3-day badge here I will be unable to use. Amanda was lucky enough to get free airfare from her grandmother for Christmas, so she will be there.

I guess what I’m asking is, is anyone interested in this 3-day PAX badge? E-mail me.

I will sell it for the price I bought it for, and then spend said money on food.

More soon!

PS. School starts soon. I am a bit nervous?